Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Days

Over halfway through summer?! It pains me to type that. I am loving being at home with Kaylee.  I feel so blessed to be at home with her for the summer, and love that we've gotten into a routine.

Morning: Kaylee wakes up around 7-730am.  We stay in our jammies, eat breakfast, and do some playing.  She is usually standing at the door saying "SIDE SIDE SIDE," so that's where for go for a lot of the morning.
Kaylee is typically VERY ready for a nap by 9-930am.   When she naps I usually have my coffee, pick up around the house, do some job searching, and get a little work out in.
When Kaylee is up, she's ready to dive into her toys again.  She love walking around with her cell phone, a pretend purse, and some sort of hat or necklace.  Usually she's "texting" or waving and saying "bye bye."  Too cool for me already... We have lunch then do some afternoon errands.
Target is a hot spot, or sometimes we go to the library, grocery shop, or hit up the park.
She LOVES the park.   Her favorite thing is to awkwardly hug strangers.  She runs at them, full speed ahead, yelling "HUGGA HUGGA HUGAA." 
After some running around we head back for nap #2 around 2:30.  I try to get stuff ready for dinner during this nap.  
Kaylee is so into swaddling her baby dolls right now, so it's been the first thing she runs to do after her nap!  I finish getting dinner ready.  We try to eat as a family, but if Gerald is going to be late then it's just us girls.  Kaylee still loves her bath, and after that we do bed by 7:30!  I love an early bedtime.  Gerald and I then have time to unwind, watch TV, and just chill.  

Thanks for stopping by :)