Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Toddler Tuesday-15 Months

Kaylee is going to be 15 months on Thursday!  I'm so not missing the pressure to take monthly sticker pics since she has turned one.  I feel like this age is so fun because of how intrigued she is with everything (it's definitely not as fun in an unbabyproofed place).  She is learning new words almost everyday, and some of her favorites now are: rock-a-bye, sticker, castle (it kind of sounds like a swear word though....), mommy, and "hugga-hugga-hugga" which she does just before running in for a hug, it's the cutest thing.
Kaylee is so into chairs right now.  She has learned how to get in and out of them, so anyone that she ambitiously thinks she can scootch her way into, she gives it a shot.  
She is still in full baby mode, still.  
She's really loving sidewalk chalk right now.  And we can play with it for about 15 minutes before it goes in her mouth which I feel like is a win.
Kaylee loves spending time with her crazy uncle Ryan.
And she'll find anything flat or soft and say "night night."
Such a Dada's girl
Still loving "hats" of all shapes, sizes, and foods...

Stop growing up so fast, sweet girl!