Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend Update

We have been yearning for nice weather lately, especially since Pittsburgh is projected to break records in its rainfall this summer, and this weekend we got it!  One thing about living somewhere with so much rain is that it does make you SOOOO appreciative when the weather is nice.

Friday, Gerald called and said, "We have reservations tonight for dinner at 7pm!  Wear a dress."  Those were the only directions I got.  After dropping Kaylee off at my parents, we enjoyed a nice date night on Mount Washington at a nice Italian restaurant overlooking the city!

Saturday, with it's nice weather, we were like, "HURRY UP LET'S GET OUTSIDE."  We have a zoo membership, and it happened to be "Macy's Baby Day," so they had some cute events for kids.  
There were superhero masks and crowns to decorate.  Kaylee walked all around with this mask like it was nothing.

After running through the sprinklers.

Saturday night, we walked to a fair near our house.  After we got back for Kaylee's bed time, I made buffalo chicken dip, and Gerald and I watched OITNB.  

Sunday, I went to see my pop-pop in the rehab facility that he's currently residing in.  I picked up my Gram before we went.  I love being able to spend time with them!!! 

Have a great week (: