Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Favorites

Fall is in the air!  This 90 degree weather isn't really voguing for that, but I'm so excited that it's September!  I love this time of year.  I'm linking up with Narci, Andrea, and Erika and here are some of my favorites of the week(S):

Our Wedding day!  I blogged all about it here.


Kaylee got to spend a lot of time with her great grandparents over the couple weeks they were in for the wedding, and it was so sweet to watch their relationship grow.  The second picture is of Kaylee visiting my grandpa at his nursing home.  She just LOVED the "rock-a-bye" aka wheel chair.  The flashcards she's holding are her new favorite toy when we're out.  We go through them all ten or more times I swear.


We got Kaylee this little Minnie table, and she's been loving it.  She's eating lots of meals there, and in the second picture is where I set up her bedtime snack, books, and sippy.

My wedding nails :)

I'm starting to put fall accents around the house, little by little, since we aren't quite there yet!  Here is what I have on our kitchen table.

I took the plunge into my fall coffee favorite!  Summer is all about the iced coffee for me, but I saw this and couldn't resist.


Kaylee is all about her baby doll right now.  The baby almost always has to eat and even nap with her.  I love watching her play.  She set up this little area for her, Mickey, and the baby.

This week, the first thing Kaylee says when she gets up is, "GRACIE, LONDON" and on and on and on.   So we spend the first 10 minutes or so of our mornings looking at Gracie and London pictures.  It's SO sweet, and I'm excited to watch their relationship flourish as cousins!

We have a busy holiday weekend planned; check back Tuesday for our Labor Day Weekend Update!