Thursday, September 3, 2015

"Today was a Fairytale.."

We had the most amazing wedding weekend!  It's so true what everybody says, "You're going to blink and it'll be over!" My mom and I tried to savor all of the planning and enjoy it, and I'm so glad we did.  The wedding week was so full of stress and excitement!!  It started off by me getting my nails done with Lindsey.  We brought wine and talked about all the excitement to come; it was so fun!

That night, the Kosts came into town.  We hung on the deck, had wine, and talked all about the wedding.  Friday morning, the boys went golfing, so we took the girls to the park.  Once they got back, Abby, Kelly, and I went to a girls', kid-free lunch.

We walked through some shops, then we went home to get ourselves and the babies ready for the rehearsal!
It was quite the whirlwind!  After the rehearsal, we were off to Pasqualino's.  
We had so much fun!  The food was amazing.  

I got my parents embroidered handkerchiefs for each of them.  
I was so excited to give the bridesmaids their gifts.  I couldn't decide what to do, and I finally decided on getting them "before, during, and after" gifts for the day of the wedding!  Here they are with their "after" bottles of wine!
The day was finally here: WEDDING DAY!  Kelly and I scrambled to get the girls bathed and get out the door for our hair appointments!  It was the perfect morning; we had mimosas, breakfast, and just relaxed!

We went to starbucks where apparently brides get FREE COFFEE!! Then we were headed home to continue getting ready!

Once the photographer left, we had a toast then were off to the church!!  At each stop throughout the day, Gerald had Kelly give me a card and gift; it was incredibly sweet and the perfect idea!   First gift, a "g" Alex and Ani since I'll always be a Griffin at heart.  Next, a "T" alex and ani, and lastly, a Guardian of Love one that was over a bottle of champagne.  The notes were all so heartfelt, and it made me even more excited to finally marry my best friend.   We had a beautiful ceremony; walking back down the aisle as an officially married couple was surreal!  We were ready to party.  We had an absolute blast on the party bus.  Ryan djed and we danced and had some cocktails before getting pics.

We got to the hotel and headed to the "refreshers room" which was equipped with drinks and snacks!

Once we were announced, everything else was such a blur--in a good way!  Everything was incredibly perfect from the speeches to the food, the cocktails to the dancing, we couldn't have asked for a more fun or perfect reception.   Here I am with my amazing MOH :) 

We were so not ready for the party to be over, so we headed out into station square to continue the dance party!  I was truly humbled by all of the friends and family that were a part of our celebration.  When people ask what my favorite part was, I can't help but say, "everything."  It was truly perfect.  We are planning our honeymoon for sometime between fall and spring.   

The next morning we packed up the gifts, had breakfast with friends and family (I loved recapping), and were headed home.  Lindsey's sister so kindly watched Kaylee over night, and were were so excited to see her:)  I love that she had NO idea what was going on HAHA.  She really loved my dress :) ;)
We had Gerald's mom hang with Kaylee a lot of the day, and we had so much fun opening gifts and cards from the most thoughtful friends and family, ever.

Thanks to everyone who was a part of our wedding day; you'll hold a special place in my heart, forever.  Gerald and I are so excited to start our married life together :)