Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

We had beautiful, HOT weather this weekend.  Hitting 90's in Pittsburgh isn't too regular of a thing, but I think we did it every day this weekend!  We had a great time celebrating Labor Day with both the Griffin's and the Tyler's!

Friday, Kaylee and I did some running around and stopped to hang with my Gram!  Kaylee loves it there, and loves all of the bears my grandma puts out for her!
Friday night, we went to my parents so the boys could do a fantasy football league. Kaylee got pushed around in this little number...
She was asleep about 2 minutes into our drive home!

Saturday, we took Kaylee to the park and did some stuff around the house.  Saturday night we went out to celebrate my mom's birthday!  

Birthday girl :)


The guys had cigars after, and Kaylee watched almost the entire time.  It was so cute.

Saturday, Kaylee threw us for a loop and omitted her morning nap, so we, with fingers crossed, embarked on our trip to see Gerald's family at their camp!  We had so much fun--minus the napless baby.  She ran around and played, then we went swimming, and on our golf cart ride home, KAYLEE FELL ASLEEP ON ME.  It's been so long since that happened (did it ever??), so we drove around for about 40 minutes and I savored every second.  Here are some pics from our day:

Girl Talk :)

Monday, we were back to my parents to celebrate Labor Day!  We had the perfect pool day.
Gerald's mom got Kaylee a new baby, and she insisted that the baby was, "HUNGY HUNGY. BABY HUNGY." So, they had breakfast for two :)

We loved having Uncle Ryan around for Labor Day!  Typically, he'd have to make a long trip from Philly, but it was so great having him there!

Pool baby with her applesauce.

My mom made an awesome dinner!  We had such a fun, family-filled weekend!  Have a great short week!