Thursday, September 10, 2015

Kaylee-17 months

Kaylee turned 17 months, yesterday!  Her half birthday is right around the corner.  I swear her schedule is changing by the week; up at 6am one week and 730 the next.  It's always up in the air whether she'll take one nap or two, but her bedtime has stayed pretty consistent.  She is getting really good at independent play, and she is so into her baby dolls right now.  Tupperware and putting lids on and off are also a big hit.  She's a little under the weather, and I feel a molar coming in, too.  First cold of the season!!  She's really starting to put mini sentences together, like "Bellys cold" or "baba milk please."  Okay, not SENTENCES, but getting there.  She's starting to like to pick out shirts to go over her outfits (per the last picture), so dress up may be in her near future!!! Here are some pics of my big 17 month old:

Happy Friday Eve!