Monday, September 21, 2015


This past weekend, Gerald and I went for a little getaway.  We weren't going to do our honeymoon until Winter/Spring, so we decided to take a little "minioon" to celebrate our marriage.
We made it to the hotel !! :) #KIDFREEWEEKEND

It was only about a 2 hour trip to Lake Erie, but we couldn't believe how different things were traveling without our Kaylee girl.  We actually started compiling a list, because things were really adding up.  I loved not turning around and getting car sick, and we stopped at a rest stop, JUST BECAUSE WE COULD! 

Cute little patio off of our room.

Our mini bar.

Happy hour drinks before dinner.

I felt like I had SO much time to get ready for dinner on Friday, and the reservation wasn't until 730!  These days, we have to do 530 dinner, and I have a toddler at my feet while getting ready.

Our restaurant was right on the bay, so we went early and explored! :)

Sloppy Duck Restaurant.

The Marina.
The restaurant had a Tiki Bar that we went to after, and we had so much fun!

Saturday, we mad mimosas and bloody mary's and went to the beach area.  I hadn't had my feet in sand all summer, so it felt GREAT!

We went for a swim at our hotel pool.  Gerald was sick of selfies at this point....

Last night out!  After dinner we went to our room and had desert for room service.   
Breakfast for two!  Sunday we were all packed up to go and enjoyed one last meal.  It was funny how much we were missing Kaylee! 
 As sad as we were to leave our little trip, it was fun to have something so sweet to get back to :).  
It was such a fun, relaxing trip!  As seen above, Kaylee may have had even more fun than we did with her amazing grandparents! 

Have a great week!