Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Weekend update

We had a hectic, but fun weekend!

Friday, I took Kaylee to Toys R Us to pick out a couple new toys for our trip to Virginia (for Kelly's 30th!!)  She is so fun to watch in the store...and so hard to keep up with!  
She was such a good girl in the car and even took a good nap!  We got to the Kosts in time for Pizza and drinks.  Kaylee was SO excited to see her besties, Gracie and London.  After the kids went to bed, we had drinks on the porch.  Then, we were in store for an early morning!
Kaylee got introduced to the iPad---I think she loved it a little TOO much haha!  Her and Gracie really played well together; it was so sweet to see.  We headed to my aunt and uncle's to visit and have bloody mary's--the girls were about nap ready, so we headed home to party prep!  We decorated and got everything ready--Kelly had Chipotle cater.  It was delic!  Here are some party pics:
Kaylee was so excited!

The bar!

The beautiful birthday girl!

Kaylee giving Gracie a little massage..

The lives of the party!!

Abby and me :) 

Sunday, my mom and I were up and out the door, EARLY, so we could make a bridal shower for our good family friend, Marissa!  We ended up changing and getting ready in a Target parking lot, HA!  Never a dull moment.  It was such a BEAUTIFUL shower at Narcissi Winery.  It was my first time there, and I loved it!!

Here is her cake!  It was so cute!

Sunday evening, we went to Gerald's parents to celebrate his sister, Carole's, birthday!  We had dinner and visited for a while, but Kaylee was so done after her BUSY weekend.

Have a great week:)