Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Kaylee-18 months

Finally, instead of saying, "She's 13 months, 15 months, etc", I can say she's a year and a half (on Friday) !!!  I love those memes that say, "my baby is 67 months old, how old is yours?" HAHA.  Anyway, my year and a half babe is thriving and loves being a toddler.  She has such a personality. , loves to be around her people, is really into her babies, and is learning all of the zoo animals and what they say.  She's off and on with one or two naps, and she's so good at being in bed by 7:30.  She's really starting to say little sentences, and it's so fun to watch her learn more words every day.  She still hasn't been allowed tv time and we are going to try to hold off only 6 more months!  Her doctor says that's why her language is coming along so well.  She is learning all of her body parts, and she's even starting to tell me when she has to go "potty."  She loves the park and looks more and more like a kid every time we go.  I love you so much my crazy Kaylee girl.  Here are some pics :)