Thursday, December 31, 2015

And that's a wrap....

I can't believe it's almost 2016!  I feel like I just got used to writing 2015 as the date, I and know that I will be continuing to do so until at least July, HAHA.   It has been such a great year, and I just want to recap some of the highlights, and by some of the highlights I mean a ton of pictures.  This is a long one, you've been warned :).

I had my first kiss of the year to this cutie.  We did a special dinner on Mount Washington to kick off 2015.

First Valentine's Day.  Pretty in Pink :)

I worked at such a wonderful school last year, and I was lucky enough to spend my lunch breaks with his angel baby.  

London Olivia was born!

Kaylee turned one, you can stop this whole growing up thing anytime now...

My parents sold their house and my childhood home </3

We spent lots of time at the zoo thanks to the zoo membership from my in-laws!

Wedding shower, such a special day!

Since my parents sold their home, we had such a fun summer with them at the DOCKS.  My mom and I also had such a fun-filled summer of wedding planning!!

My girlfriends and I became regulars at Margarita Night on Tuesdays over the summer.

Great father's Day celebrating these two.

Bachelorette party!  It was so fun and these girls made it so special.

Ryan moved back to Pittsburgh to teach!!

My Kaylee girl had surgery to get tubes in her ears.  

I love these two so much.  My pop-pop got put in a memory care home this year, and my grandma has been so strong.  Kaylee and I love to visit him!

Kaylee got to spend lots of time with her BFF Rachel this summer :)

Rehearsal dinner!!  It was so perfect.


Kaylee got to spend some extra time with her Great-grandparents from South Carolina while they were in for the wedding!

Kaylee's godmother turned....30!  How great does she look!?

Mini-moon with this guy.

Celebrated my birthday with great friends!

Kayla's SECOND halloween.  We had family over and passed out candy, so fun!

We had such a fun, outdoorsy fall.  And this may be my favorite picture of the year.

We did a girls only trip to VA.  A new tradition I'm hoping :)

Thanksgiving in VA, our 3 princesses under 3 <3 

My parents moved into their new, beautiful home.  We are in love!

New Christmas tradition of baking with Grandma!  Final product shown below :)

Annual Christmas trip downtown with my family!

Christmas Day.  It was such a BLAST and a whirlwind!

I had such an incredible year, and I love reflecting on it and seeing how blessed I truly am.  Thanks to everyone who was a part of making my 2015 so memorable.  Happy New Year :) !