Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Update

We had a snowy one!!!  I loved it :).  We had a pretty low-key weekend per some snow that we got, but it was great.  Friday, Gerald and I rented the intern.  It was really cute, light, and funny.
Saturday, we woke up to lots of snow.  Kaylee is so intrigued with the snow, so we were out playing in it by 9am.  We came in and snuggled up with lots of books and hot chocolate after.  Kaylee asked for "more chocolate" the rest of the day haha.
Once the roads are cleared we were able to get out and run some errands.  Kaylee got a new seat that she can't stop talking about.

Sunday, Kaylee and I went to my parents in the morning and my brother, Ryan, made us breakfast.  We got to spend some time in the snow, too :) followed by more hot chocolate and books.  

Sunday afternoon, Gerald and I dropped Kaylee off at his parents and went to the movies.  We had so much fun and even splurged on a slushie and extra buttery popcorn :).  

Have a great week :)