Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's 2016

We had such a great Valentine's weekend.  I love that it was on a Sunday, so we were forced to celebrate all weekend long :).

Friday, Gerald and I went out for drinks with two of our best friends.  #ForgotThePics

Saturday, we did some things around the house then took Kaylee to my parents before our date night!
Kaylee had her first ever napless day (minus the ten minute drive to my parents), so this was my little companion while trying to get ready. I'm praying that this isn't the beginning of an era.
Family photo.  Kaylee got those new slippers from my mom. 
She was so excited to be hanging with her peeps, especially DJ Uncle Ryan
We were kidless!  We stopped at a bar and then headed to dinner.  We had such a great time :)
Sunday morning, we exchanged gifts before Gerald went to church.   
I made brunch, while Kaylee played with her new favorite toy, play-doh
Kaylee took a really long nap, and Gerald took one too.  So, I had an hour of planning my week, reading, and college basketball :)

When Kaylee woke up, Gerald, Kaylee, and I  picked up some roses and took them to my grandma.  They did lots of playing, and my gram loved her roses :)
We stopped at Gerald's parents on our way home, then I made us this Valentine's meal.  The weekend ended perfectly with "20 Years of the Bachelor."

Have a great week :)