Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Day in the Life...

I do my best to stick to a good routine with Kaylee, for both her and me!  She, of course, goes through different phases, but I wanted to walk through a typical day in the life :).

I wake up between 7-730.  I start the coffee, turn on GMA, and usually do some reading or do anything I can to prepare for the day.   Kaylee gets up between 8-830, which has been so nice!  A lot of times I hear her when I'm waking up, but it seems to be such a process for her to fully wake up.  She'll stand up, lay down for ten minutes, and so on.

I love seeing this sweet face in the morning :)
We usually do breakfast, and I let Kaylee run around and have "free play" aka burn energy before any errands we have to run.  Typically on Monday we grocery shop, I see my grandma on Tuesdays or Thursdays, my mom is off on Wednesdays, and we do something fun on Fridays.  If we don't have any "must-do's" we try to do one of these every week:

Go to the mall park.
Get out in the snow (Kaylee's favorite)
Go to the park.
Or the library!

After our errands, we come home for lunch
and nap time around noon.  #CanIGetAnAmen

During nap time, I scramble to clean up the house, get a quick work out in, and job search or do some reading.  I usually have a project or goal written in my planner for each day.
When Kaylee wakes up, we do a snack and some sort of structured learning activity (I plan what learning activity we are going to do each day on Sundays).
Then it's usually time for me to start getting dinner ready, so between 4-5pm I put Kaylee in her crib with lots of books for some independent time, and she loves it.

Gerald's schedule changes, but he's usually home between 6-630 when we eat and hang out until bed time which is at 730.  Gerald and I usually wind down by watching a show or just hanging out.  

And repeat! :)