Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Favorite Makeup Tips

I've always really loved makeup, probably at too young of an age.  It makes me feel so good to take even just ten minutes to apply some makeup.  Here are some of my favorite tips/tricks that I've learned over the years.

this is so me!!

1. Change it up!  I really love having a day time look and making a more dramatic look for night time or special events.

2. Use a brush to apply foundation.  I've been doing this for only about 6 months now, but it has made SUCH a difference.  I really fell in love with this brush from Ulta that I uses every day.

3. I always envied people whose make up looked the same at the end of a work day as it did at the beginning, and I was like HOW!? For me, primer has made such a difference with that.  I really like smash box (I actually got this in my tipsy subscription) and I recently used this oil primer too which I really liked.

4. I use 3-4 mascaras at once.  I have lashes that curl very well but aren't particularly long.  One day I decided to use a couple different mascaras that I had, and 3 or 4 people said something to me about them!  Since then I use a thick brush, a volumizing, and lastly a thin mascara brush to separate.  I typically use ULTA or NYC brand.  One of my favorites was this this that came with my Naked on the Run palette.

5.  I really like a nude lip, so I typically put a little concealer or foundation on my lips, and its so great because it's made to last, and really does!  

6. I recently got this make up organizer, and it's been nice for me to see everything I have to work with.

7. I don't love cleaning brushes, but try to every other week.  After I do clean them, I feel like my brushes hold and apply my makeup so much better!   I typically just put them in a cup full of warm water and shampoo for a few hours, then wipe them with a towel, rinse, and dry.  I know there are sprays that make it a little bit easier of a process. LOL at  the meme below, it is so me.  

Check back Friday for Friday Favorites :)