Thursday, March 3, 2016

Let them be little

Okay so I remember this song coming on the radio and my mom crying sobbing over the lyrics.  I heard it the other day and.....yaaaa.  I totally get it.  Listen to "Let them be little" here. (have tissues near by)
I heard it and was thinking about the things that will change all too soon.

1. The way Kaylee yells, "MOMMY WHERE ARE YOU.  MOMMY GO?! NEED TO SEE HER." I hear this through the monitor every morning.  It melts my heart.

2. When we are just sitting or playing and Kaylee runs up to me saying, "Need a kiss right now mommy" and proceeds with a kiss or a "hugga hugga"

3. Kaylee is a mommy's girl, sometimes to my dismay.  I've learned to tackle too many tasks with a baby on my hip.  I know the inconvenience now will turn into a beautiful memory later.

4. The apologies, the manners.  Kaylee will walk around and fall and say, "So sorry Kaylee." Or throw a toy and apologize for it.  And as far as manners, please and thank you are pretty good and typically unprompted, but sometimes for the funniest things.  Like when I'm getting Kaylee dressed and I put her shoes on, sometimes she is so thankful and it cracks me up.

5. Life is so beautiful and new and exciting through the eyes of a toddler.  I'm a huge lover of life, but the excitement when we drive past a garbage truck, or see a dog, or go to the park for Kaylee, I just adore the innocence.

Have a great Thursday, and remember if you have little babies of your own, "Let them be little." :)