Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Goals

Happy March/ Easter & St. Patrick's Day Mash up!

Quick recap of February:
1. Spring Clean.  I've been getting rid of lots of clothes, and just need to continue to de-clutter!  So far, so good :)
2. Girls' night.  I had a few different night with girlfriends, which has been so great!!
3. Have our parents over for a get-together.  

Here's what I'm hoping for March:
1. Clean eats during the week!
I feel like my mornings are so chaotic that all I get in me is coffee.  I want to work on getting a good breakfast in before Kaylee wakes up and scheduling lunches too.  I plan our dinners each week but want to plan breakfast and lunch as well.
2. Read two books.  I have an ongoing longer book, but I want to get two light reads in, too.
3. I have a pretty good rotation for work outs, but I want to start being a runner outside as the weather gets nicer.  

I'll review how I do at the beginning of April :)