Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekend Update

We had a pretty busy weekend, so it went fast!  Our first weekend of Spring was snow-filled and chilly.  I have vivid memories of this happening.

Friday, Kaylee and I had a lunch date!  I surprised her for all of her hard work on the potty front, she's doing so great without diapers! #ItWasForMeToo She had Ketchup with a side of french fries and chicken...

We played in the play area after, and I can't believe how big she looks!

We ran a bunch of other errands, and most of the evening for Kaylee consisted of potty-training her babies.  And even giving them m&m's when they "went potty" :).  Friday night, I made snacks and drinks and Gerald and I watched Pitt lose, sadly!

Saturday morning we went to Gigi's for a visit then to the mall park so Kaylee would get an early nap in!

We were wedding bound!  It was a beautiful wedding!

Here's my sister-in-law and her bf :)

We picked Kaylee up at my parents after the wedding, and she apparently didn't realize we were at a wedding the night before because she had a VERY early wake up call.  How does that always happen!? So our morning consisted of books and paci's.  We missed Church and our Easter Egg hunt because of an EARLY, much needed nap.

Things got a little better when I let her bake some blueberry waffles :) #ImWearingShortsISwear

Sunday night, my Dad and I went to the Pens game, and it was a blast!!  We went to my FAVORITE dinner spot which is in the arena, The Lexus Club.  It's amazing.  

It was such a fun game.  I love that my Dad is still spoiling me ;)

Have a great week!  Check back Wednesday for What I Wore Wednesday