Monday, April 11, 2016

A Frozen Birthday

Is it really April???? I remember two years ago when Kaylee was born and her first birthday party, it was so nice out!  The snowfall did fall into the Frozen themed party though, but it didn't work out in Kaylee's favor since her gift was this outdoor playhouse.  We didn't even set it up because we knew it'd be torture since we couldn't be outside playing with it.  Friday evening after Kaylee went to bed, we wrapped presents and decorated the house.  Kaylee was so excited to wake up to balloons, frozen signs, and cinnamon rolls on her birthday :)  Here are some things I did for her party:

We somehow ended up having three birthday banners haha, and this was the best pic we got in front of this one 
Here little party was "frozen themed" so I made a popcorn bar.  I just did three different popcorns and movie theatre candies to add in.  I typed up labels next to a frozen picture.

I made popcorn bags as a favor.  People filled them up again before they left, and there was a 4x6 picture of Kaylee on each one.  I also got lucky at the dollar spot one week with those adorable pink popcorn bins.  The balloons were just clipart that I found.  
I filled our picture holder with pictures from last year and this year.  I also printed out the letters we wrote to Kaylee both this year and last.  I'd love to keep this up and give them as a little book on her 18th birthday (not that she will ever get that old, right!? #Tear)
We hung lots of Frozen streamers that are still up, I'm going to have to sneakily take them away during nap one day.
Saturday morning Kaylee and I made these sugar cookies.  #CantStopEatingThem #GetThemOutOfHere.
My sister-in-law made this adorable cake and blue velvet cupcakes.  They were as delicious as they were cute!
She also made these chocolate covered pretzels, as well as frozen goodie bags full of oreo truffles.  
I love this picture of Gerald and Kaylee.  They were watching the Pirate's game before everybody came over:)

Here are some pictures from the party :

We put Frozen on.  Look how interested Kaylee was.....all the adults were wathching haha!
Exhausted from her big day.

Thanks for reading :)

And, a birthday letter:

A Letter to You on Your Second Birthday

Kaylee our love,
         You’re two.  Somebody needs to pinch me, because I have no idea how this happened so quickly.   Daddy and I often watch you play or talk and say to each other, “Oh my gosh, she is like a real person.”  A little person that you are, with a big, fierce personality.  You are either cheerful with that contagious smile of yours, or, you newly have a great fake cry when you don’t get your way. Terrible two’s do exist J.
         There are so many things I love about you, so many things you have taught me, and so many things I never want to forget.  You make each chapter of parenting as new, exciting, and challenging as the last. 
         You wear your emotions on your sleeve.  When you are happy, you giggle and smile, and you have the BEST face when you’re excited.  You also tell us when you’re not so thrilled with something.  You are expressive in every way, and it’s oh so endearing.
         You are kind.  From giving kids who are strangers hugs to sharing, everything.  It’s no secret that you have a heart of gold, that your beauty shines from within, and that you are a force to be reckoned with. God has made you special in every single way.
         You say the word “can’t,” but it’s a word that should not be in your vocabulary, because I truly believe there is nothing you can’t or won’t be able to do.  You are small, but mighty, beautiful and strong, and you have all the ingredients to be so incredibly great.  You have the most beautiful, intuitive, and strikingly vast intelligence that I’ve ever seen.
         May your dreams be bigger than your worries, may you have more fun times than bad, and may no one ever dull your sparkle.
                           We love you more than you will ever, ever know,
                                                                  Mom and Dad