Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hobbies and Such

I remember actually having hobbies ...that will happen one day again right!?  Just kidding, I really do love the down time that makes doing my favorites even more special.  So here are some things I love to do during my free time:

1. Shopping, alone.  I never knew this would be something I'd treasure so much.  We can pretend it qualifies as a hobby?  It's just something about walking into a store without a bag full of snacks and distractors that's crazy exhilarating.  Target is always a fav, and I thought these memes were hilarious:

I think Ive actually said ^ out loud before...

2. Spinning--This used to be one of my favorite exercise things.  Now, committing an hour to a work out seems so long, but I hope I can get back into one day, because I really do LOVE it.  If youre someone that needs some motivation while working out (don't we all) this is good for you because it's with a group and there is always really great music. 

3. Reading/Writing.  I always used to tell my students that great readers write a lot and great writers do tons of reading.  They really do correlate for me!  When I'm reading something really well written it always inspires me to do some journaling.  Same goes for when I'm writing.  I love the quote below:

4. I'm so excited that my parents got us bikes for Christmas and Kaylee a bike trailer for her birthday. I'm really hoping on nice days that this can be something we do a lot!  

5. Yard Sales/Thrift Shopping!  I'm excited that summer/spring is approaching, and it's always fun to go with a girlfriend, or even bring Kaylee, to a local yard sale.  Our neighborhood usually has a bunch, so we will walk and just look around.  

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