Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I'm excited for this new link up with Shay and Erika !!

What Three things would you take on a deserted island from your medicine cabinet:

 How fun to think about three MUST HAVES from the medicine cabinet.  I used to watch Survivor, so I remember having these thoughts before about things I would NEED on a deserted island, so here are my three things and why they are needs:

Okay so this is a totally boring thing to bring from a medicine cabinet, but I always think about those people on reality shows who are stranded (Survivor) and how much it would drive me crazy to be stranded with no...razor.  As a annoying as shaving is, I feel like if I was stranded (I imagine it would be on a beautiful island and I'd be in my favorite bikini, right!?) Therefore, my razor is a must have.

Since I'll be on this island in sun, all of the time, I figured I'd need some really great face cream.  I love this for the summer, and I mean I could just put it on the rest of my body too, right!?  Talk about being resourceful. 

This last one was a huge decision between something for my hair and something for my mouth (toothbrush/Listerine)  I figured if I'm shaved and tan, then a little bad breath is ok, right?  Having beach waves on the fabulous island somehow took priority over my dental health. 

I love that my fantasy of being on a deserted island is more of a vacation than a scene from Castaway.  Plus, I figured if all of you girls are deserted with me, then we can do lots of sharing :).  Can't wait to read all of your must haves on this island adventure!   Check back tomorrow for my first Confessional Thursday with The Newly.