Monday, April 4, 2016

April Goals

But first, let's take a look back at March!
1. Clean eats during the week! --- this has been pretty good, but there is room for improvement!

2. Read two books.  I have an ongoing longer book, but I want to get two light reads in, too.--YES! I read Baby Proof and Heart of the Matter both by Emily Griffin.  I recommend them both (not just because she has an awesome last name...)

3. I have a pretty good rotation for work outs, but I want to start being a runner outside as the weather gets nicer.  --Our weather has been so sporadic, snow one day, 70 the next.  On nice days we have been doing long walks or (short) runs!  I want to keep that up.

APRIL!  Hello.  You are our gateway to the real feel of summer weather, so I'm excited that you're here:)  Here are some of my goals for the month:

1. Drink 72oz of water.  I need to do a better job of drinking water.  I bought a bunch of lemons to cut up and keep in my water bottle, and I really want to up this goal each month.  

2. Two books, again.  I love downtime to read :)  Would love some recommendations!  

3. BASEBOARDS/spring cleaning.  I really need to do our baseboards, but what a project!  I want to do some before and afters and share any tricks that helped me.  

4. Cut this amount of emails, IN HALF!  I was really good about deleting emails until I had an android that kept all of the promo ads into a different mailbox that I NEVER KNEW EXISTED hence the obscene amount of unread emails.  Time to delete, delete, delete :)
That's it for this month :)

Have a great Monday!  `