Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wedding Pictures

I blogged about my wedding day in August here.,  but I recently got all of the picture files, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite pics from that magical day :).  There are a bunch, so fill up your cup of coffee and take a look through my wedding day with me!!

Our rings :)

Kaylee trying on my shoes :)  We saw this idea on Pinterest and after lots of tries we got some pretty cute ones!  I loved my shoes!  They were from David's bridal and matched the color of my bridesmaids' dresses.  I honestly can't remember if they were comfortable or not hahah.

My Matron of Honor helping me get ready!  Kelly did the best job making sure I had the most perfect day ever:)

We didn't have any fun getting ready... ;).  

I wrote Gerald a letter and gave him a new watch for that day.  Here he is reading the letter at his parent's house :)

I love this picture of my bridesmaids and one of our flower girls :)  I was getting so nervous/excited. I remember all day wanting the day to slow down, and this was such a fun and special moment waiting to walk down the aisle with my best girls!

We really tried.... How cute were these two flower girls though.  They could've done anything down the aisle but been nothing short of adorable:)

My dad and I had been talking about this moment since I can remember.  We both held it together, but I felt so blessed to have this moment with him.  Something I will cherish forever and ever.

"You may now kiss the bride!!!"

We did it!  We honestly had the best weather, so it was fun to walk out of the church into sunshine and bubbles.

#ButFirst Let me take a selfie 

My family :) (My mom planned the best day for me.  She could be a wedding planner!!)

and my NEW family!!  

The staged pictures weren't my favorite, but I loved these fun ones :).  We took a party bus to pictures, and it was a blast.  I just remember during pictures wanting to so badly get back on the bus to sing and dance before the reception.  

So, we had three amazing speakers.  My brother, cousin Kelly, and my dad who started off with a toast.  They were all so heartfelt and amazing.  I'm laughing here at one of their awesome speeches:)

My dad and I did a slow dance to "I Loved her First" and then broke out into a dance for "Oh Sweet Pea," a song he sung to me so much when I was younger :)

And these, these are my awesome parents doing their wedding signature dance to "Hawaii 5-0"  They aren't any fun at all as you can see ;)

Here is my brother and I dancing away, and I wish I could remember to what song!  This picture cracks me up because of how intensely I was singing whatever lyrics.  #WeGotItFromOurParents

Although this is a little biased, we had the greatest DJ ever!!!  The dance floor was constantly full, and he got everyone involved.  This sums up what a great party our wedding was :)  (DJ: Jamie Simpson from Houserockers DJ)

Wedding Photography: James Carl Photography

Check back tomorrow for an early birthday post for my ALMOST two year old :)