Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  This week went by pretty quickly, and I think it's thanks to the awesome weather #HelloSpring!!!   I'm linking up with my girls ErikaNarci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites :)

I was so excited for A Day in the Life post on Tuesday.  I loved reading about everyone's and I'm excited to have these posts to look back on.  


Old Navy has been having awesome sales!  My dear cousin told me their workout gear was on sale, and I really love this shirt I got this week.  Aren't new work out clothes the best incentive to work out!? I got it in a couple colors.
please notice the tiny human pointing at something on my leg?

The library.  Thank you sweet Jesus for giving us a place to read and borrow books that gives us hours of entertainment.  We went this week, and Kaylee is starting this new thing where she will be sitting and then start sprinting away, like out of nowhere.  Isn't that precious? It's especially adorable in stores/when we are out.  So, at the library, she starts running.  I do my awkward power walk to try to find her, and completely lost sight.  A couple minutes later I saw her sitting at a group of computers, "typing" and hitting the mouse, next to a group of adults.  I couldn't help but laugh. ooooh terrible two's.

I can't decide whether this looks amazing or disgusting, but it tastes delicious!  I made guacamole this week, and had it with chips one day, on eggs one day, and with these amazing pretzels:
two avocados 
one full squeeze lemon
4 drops hot sauce
chopped tomatos
1 clove minced garlic
onion powder
salt and pepper.

*I was the only one eating it, so I'd double or triple for a big family:)

I tried this overnight treatment, and I really liked it.  My roots seemed especially soft and shiny.  I have curly hair, and the morning after my hair had HUGE curls I wish I would have taken a picture.  This is a tiny sample, but you can find it here.  Gerald actually asked me if I got my hair done the following day once I styled it, and he's not one to notice things!  I think it's something I'll invest in down the line.

I was at a wedding shower this weekend, and the bride opened this doormat.  I really loved it and went right home to order it.  

This new coffee mug is everything #MomLife 

Have a fab weekend :)!!