Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Favorites

Friday, HIIII.  This was a different sort of week because Gerald was off on Wednesday, so we had a nice, fun break in the week.  In other news, you know about winter?  That really cold season?  Well, it's coming back this weekend :(.  Lows in the thirties!?  A frost!! I mean it's a reason to put off bathing suit shopping, but that's about the only silver lining.  IT'S MAY!  Anyway, I'm linking up today and here are my favorites of the week:)

Mother's Day!! I had the best day.  I got to spend time with these two beauties as well as the little love that made me a mommy while getting spoiled by my baby daddy:).  I'm going to do a post about the special day next week!

My mom got me these adorable pajamas and head wrap.  They came with cute little shorts, too.  SO.COZY.   And who doesn't love a who wore it better...
I think she wins :)

New creamers!  PSA: I am well aware of all the crap in these creamers, but parting with them right now, it just seems like I need to get through terrible two's before I can part with my dear creamers.  Anyway, I went into Aldi (my favorite store ever) and they had these, and I love them both.

THIS IS AN UNFAVORITE.  I'm so I'm losing a piece of myself.  It's my last day to really use this mug, UGH!  I'll miss my dear Michael!

I'm getting my hair done Tuesday, and I'm loving all these looks.  My hair was really dark, and at my last appointment I went "baylage" and I'm thinking of going even lighter for the summer and then probably dark again in the fall.  

Any favorites!?  Or are they all pretty much the same..hahaha.

As I mentioned, Gerald was off Wednesday, woo!  You know what that means...Kaylee was on her BEST behavior :).  #ItsSoSadButTrue.  We had such a fun day!  We woke up early to hit the gym, went our to Red Robin for lunch (to cancel out our work out, naturally), Gerald and I caught up on shows during nap time..
we hit up the park!
 such a big girl!  I got to end the day at a spin class with my girlfriend:)

My mother-in-law got Kaylee this book and it has been such a hit!  There are tons of stickers (as seen on the cover), and the book is full of Princess rooms (bedroom, kitchen, sitting room, music room, and like twenty more).  She has so much fun picking stickers to put in different rooms.  I recommend for car rides or in restaurants :)

My dear cousin lent me this book, and I LOVED it!  I think I blogged about it last week?  #Maybe #MaybeNot #MomBrain  Anyways, I definitely recommend!

That's it for day!  Have a fab weekend, ladies!