Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Why has it taken me so long to blog about my fab Mother's Day!?  Anyways, better late than never! My day started off with my favorite breakfast and coffee in bed....Now, my favorite breakfast happens to be a breakfast sandwich from GetGo (Don't judge me until you've tried one!! Amazing! I do turkey sausage, egg white, veggies, and buffalo on an everything bagel)  After breakfast, Gerald took Kaylee out of the house so I could get ready for my day...alone!

I watched the movie Leap Year on Netflix while getting ready....and this may have been the best part of my day!  HAHA.  It was crazy quiet in the house.

I went to see the movie Mother's Day with these two!  It was so cute and it had been the first time my grandma at been at the movies in about 40 or 50 years she said, so it made it even more fun.  We had a nice lunch afterward.
After our fun movie/lunch date, I came home and Kaylee gave me a homemade coffee mug, card, and a painted pot that she made :).  Gerald got me a couple of bathing suits and another fabletics outfit to choose!  We decided to head to my parents for a little while, where we did a walk to the river which ended in this special ride with Uncle Ryan:)

Last stop, my in-laws!  We spent some time there before coming home, putting Kaylee to bed, ordering pizza and watching our favorite shows.  What a special day !!

Hugs to all of you moms and moms to be!  Let's work together on making Mother's Day a biannual, or even bimonthly thing?! ;)