Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Don't Let me Forget

"You're going to miss this..."  I think I hear that about once a week, maybe less, but I'm so glad every time that I do.  It makes me freeze in my steps and think about this wonderful, draining, challenging, and amazing season of life that I'm in.  An elderly man actually stopped me in the grocery store yesterday and said, "Man, you're lucky.  Of all things I miss it's this age.  She must love you so so much."  It was so sweet to hear.  I wrote a similar post about this a couple months ago, too.  So, here are some of the things I never want to forget.

~Kaylee is into this things right now where she is offering everything, like an adult.  Every meal, snack, even with her toys.  "You want a bite mom?  You want a drink of water?  Here honey have some.  You want to play with toys? "  Etc.  Most of the time, except for with m&m's I think, she'll give me whatever she's offering haha

~"It'll be all better soon."  Babies crying in the store, to her baby dolls, even to herself when she's sad, she says this and it's so sweet and almost becomes self soothing.  I love it.

~Snuggles.  She's turned into such a good cuddle when she's tired, and every time I hold her or sit with her, I think I don't have many years of this left.

~"Okaaaaaay."  I've learned that I must say that a lot, because when she's playing I hear this about every other word....along with fillers such as "uhhhh, ummmmm."  We learn a lot about ourselves from these littles, don't we!?

~ She loves her guys.  I mean, my sister-in-law's boyfriend, her cousin's boyfriend, my dad and brother-this girl loves men, it's so funny.  Even at the pool she finds a 7 or 8 year old boy that she tries  to follow along.  It's so cute to me.......not so cute to Gerald.

~It's really hard to run errands.  I want to remember this so that one day when I say, "Okay babe, time to grocery shop," that this will happen effortlessly without a bag full of gummy bears, m&m's. and desperation activities.  That'll happen one day, right?

~I'm fairly convinced that she will go to college with a pacifier.  About 98% sure.   I think we are going to make it a goal this summer to take it away, but I'm dreading it!

~She loves so hard, especially her people.  I mean the expressions Kaylee gives when she sees a grandma or me if I was out, it's so priceless and I really try to soak it in.

I'll probably do another post like this at the end of the summer :)
**Side note: I was having major computer problems so wasn't able to blog!  I'm back !!