Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Favorites

You guys!!! I've missed Friday Favs!  I had some computer issues, so I haven't been on.  I have lots of fun favorites to share for this link up with ErikaAndrea, and Narci.
COCONUT OIL!!! I'm late to the party on this one.  I got it as a make up remover and nighttime face lotion and have been loving it!  Basketball also ruined my feet after almost 15 years of playing, so my feet love it, also.  If you're like me and didn't know how much you could use coconut oil, there are lots of ways here.


I got a couple new outfits from Fabletics for Mother's day!  Love them.  The outfit above is good for working out or running errands.  I especially like it for if you know you're working out in the evening but want to be in something cute-ish for the day.  

I love this one too!  The leggings are my favorite:)

I'm so sad that the cover up I got at Target is sold out right now!  This one is similar.  Mine is navy blue and longer with big slips up the side and it's been great!  

This picture is from Memorial day last year!  So little!!!  Here are some pictures from our Memorial Day (Saturday) on the boat this year.

At first, she wasn't so sure about going in the river, but then it was a fight to get her out!  It was COLD, but so fun.  We had snacks, drinks, and a fun-filled boating day:)


We have been getting so much use out of the baby pool!  Do you see the waterslide in the back too!? Getting so fancy over here....the pool we belonged to just opened, so I'm excited to get into using that :)

We went to such a fun wedding on Sunday!  It was so nice to have the weekend and something fun to look forward to Sunday evening with Monday off.  My parents got us a hotel room, so we all stayed up way too late and had so much fun celebrating the bride and groom:).  The next morning, we went up to my in-law's camp to pick up Kaylee and hang with them!

A baby in a romper.... #ThatIsAll 


Wednesday Morning we went to my parents, my mom and I were going to a riverside park and lunch, but my dad stuck around to see Kaylee too!  It was the best surprise for her.  She is like such a big kid at the park these days.  We had so much fun and were all soaked from sprinklers by the end:)

Our mentor mom at MOPS gave each of us these stickers at our last meeting.  "Lord give me patience to endure my blessings."  I LOVE IT!

I'm so excited to dive into this book!  I've heard great things, and I love that the format is in letters.  Next week, I'm going to post my summer books list, and I'd love some suggestions :)  We will have a summer bucket list coming too!!

And this!!!! After Memorial Day means it's summer, right!?  Enjoy your weekend:)