Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mother's Day Favorites

I remember Mother's Days growing up so vividly.  I've always loved gift-giving, whether it be writing long cards to homemade gifts, to of course buying someone something fun that they may not buy themselves.  On Mother's Days in particular, I remember loving to help my dad, and co-planning a special day for my mom.  As a baby doll LOVER growing up, I felt like it was a holiday for me too, #LOL.  I thought I'd share some of my favorite mother's day gifts and memories, then and now.  Here are my top ten:
My first Mother's day at as a mom:)!

I think I've shared in the blog before how much I love and always have loved writing.  My close family members always give a smirk when they see a long note in a card and ask for tissues immediately.  Do I like making people cry!? I remember some of my favorite gifts to give were writing my mom long letters or reasons why I was thankful for her.  With age, and now with a baby, my appreciation has grown dramatically each year.  She went from being my superhero, to now being a member of this sisterhood of moms.  I'd get a frame from a craft store, and print out a pretty letter.  I think she loved it, and it was an easy gift that I loved writing.

The gift of time.  We all have or have had times that are trying financially.  With this, I think there is no better gift than the gift of time.  Making dinner for a special mom/woman/role model, planning a picnic, going window shopping.  I feel like the gift of time can be just as or more special than an article of clothing or Starbucks gift card, okay, maybe not more valuable than a starbucks gift card, but you know what I mean.

When you have littles.....Pintrest, what a love/hate relationship we have.   So much false hope in the beautifully, homemade crafts you expect my two year old and I to concoct !?  But, the nice thing is, anything homemade, especially to grandparents, is oh so special.  This was my go to last year.

I used to not be a fan of gift cards, in my mind, why?  Why not let the person choose where they want to spend ten dollars, or why not get a ten dollar gift?  Now, I totally get it.  All of you gift card givers, you are smart, generous creatures.  It forces someone to spend on themselves instead of be in the drugstore and that ten dollars accidentally getting spent on tampons or floss, or what have you.  I love this gift idea.

Last year, my second mother's day, Gerald got me a really cute outfit to wear the day of Mother's day.  I know clothing buying can be really hard with sizes and everything, but it was so fun for me to have a new outfit to wear the day of.

Race for the cure ticket.  Years ago, we did the Race for the Cure for my grandma with my best friend and her mom.  It was a really cool experience, and I think it's especially when someone close to you has been diagnosed with, survived, or lost a battle to breast cancer. This includes the gift of time, too:)

Scrapbooking, I love it.  Everything about it.  I think it'd be fun to capture a year or years of moments and make a mother's day scrap book for a special mom in my life.  I haven't done this one but think it sounds so fun.  

Go out to eat.  Moms, we know that if our husbands, God love them, plan something.  We will end up cleaning before or after, entertaining, etc.  Let's go out!  Be waited on in a stress-free environment, or give this gift to someone you love :)

Pick three.  I've done this, pick three of your mom's grandma's, in-laws favorite, or of your favorites that could be new to someone and share.  Chapstick, chips, candy, anything.  Put it in a small basket, give with a card, and Wala! (I hope you know the voice I'm trying to make here...)

Spark their hobbies.  Those fierce women, motherly figures.  If they love running, nothing like a new running outfit or shoes!  A book worm, then a new journal or book.  I now know that mothers deserve every last second of this day dedicated to them, so make it special:)