Monday, May 2, 2016

Girls' Trip!! / Friday Favs

OOPS.....I accidentally posted this link in the link up! #Silly 5am me!!  HERE is my friday favorites post for the week!

I was MIA Friday from Friday Favs, because I had spent the week with three of my FAVORITE girls!  We had so much fun in our short time together, and I love that we are building such special memories for both us and our girls :)  Kaylee and I were waiting, so had to take a quick selfie..
The girls got in Tuesday afternoon, so we started with lots of outside playing.  Kaylee has been struggling so much with her one ear (the tube is on its way out, ugh), so I actually took her for a quick check up.  #BuzzKill  The Kost girls went to visit my gram while we made a quick trip to the doctor.  When they came back, we had dinner, they did some playing, Kelly read the girls some stories, and we ended the night with snacks, wine, and one tree hill #TheseAreAFewOfMyFavoriteThings
Wednesday morning, the girls appropriately had animal shaped waffles just before our trip to the zoo.  It was a cool morning which meant the animals were out and the zoo was empty for the most part, so perfect!  They had a blast.  Kaylee felt so cool riding around with baby London, and Gracie was such a BIG girl walking around like she owned the place:)

We met my mom for lunch after and a special trip to the dollar store where each girl picked TWO presents.  I remember when I was little my grandma always took us and let us pick two things.  We couldn't believe it!  It felt like she was giving us a new car or something.

We went back for naps, snacks, and bloody mary's :).  There were a few melt downs in-between the zoo, lunch, and nap, so we'd been talking about those much needed bloody mary's for hours at this point:).

After naps, more playing and then, Shopping!  Kaylee and Gracie seemed like such big girls, they ran around the store and just played.  Talking, babbling and giving each other new toys to try out while Kelly and I tried to shop for them.  

We realized how crazy these two girls were, London was an angel, so we took them to a big park before my mom's for dinner and a special walk down to the river.
The girls were exhausted, running on little or no naps, so we went home to sleeping babies. Time for buffalo chicken dip and a movie :)
The girls left the next morning, and we were so sad to see them go!