Thursday, July 7, 2016

4th of July 2016

We had such a busy 4th of July weekend!  Gerald was off Friday, so it was like a little four day vacation!
"Home of the Free because of the BRAVE!"

Friday morning, Kaylee and I did our gym routine while Gerald cut the grass.  The really big news was that GERALD THEN TOOK KAYLEE ON A PLAY DATE, ALONE.  His friend has a little boy her age and they just got a pool, so the dads and the littles had a swimming play date.  I mean, how cute.   I went to my parents and met two of our closest family friends at the yacht club bar for dinner and drinks, HANDS FREE!!  Gerald and Kaylee met us for a fun night of boating :) ... Major picture fail here.

Saturday morning we do swim lessons!  Kaylee loves them.  It was a different Saturday though because I was working/bartending my first ever wedding.  One of my girlfriend's needed an extra person for a couple nights.
It was such a beautiful venue!  Equipped with an enormous house, swimming pool, and this big tent that we were under.  I love weddings, even if I'm working them ;)

Sunday, I'm drawing major blanks on our morning, BUT here is the cute little venue that I worked that night.
And look at the sweetest little picture that I got while working..
Gerald and Ryan took Kaylee to the misters at the Children's Museum.  I'm obsessed with this picture of Pure Joy!

Monday morning, we decided to head to the Parade.  It was our first time, but I'm thinking this will definitely be a new tradition.  Kaylee was SO good, loved all of the excitement, and made lots of little friends around us.  
There were so many cute things in the parade, especially this puppy :)

 We went home for naps, and went to a picnic at my mom's afterwards.  
Look at this corn hole queen!!!
Here's the other queen, wearing Gigi's hat!!
My mom made this adorable dessert!  It was just as delicious as it is cute.  

I hope all your 4th of July's were as fun as ours!  We have a busy weekend ahead: A tailgate/baseball game, and two birthday celebrations.  Check back next week for a recap:)