Monday, October 31, 2016

Big Sister

Best news ever!!
So excited to share that Kaylee is going to be a big sister!! I thought I'd share a little bit about how/when we found out as well as how everything is going!
We found out we were pregnant on July 9 and were so excited! I actually bought the shirt Kaylee's wearing a little prematurely, haha.  I found out early that day, and told Gerald by giving him the Big sister shirt.   We were excited to tell our families, already!

The first person I told was Kelly, because she had texted me a positive pregnancy test picture THAT NEXT MORNING.  Fate, I tell ya.  It's been so fun going through pregnancy with the sister I never had.  Later that day was my brother's birthday, and we told him and my parents by wrapping the shirt and giving him the shirt with other presents.  We have it on video, and IT IS EVERYTHING.  We did the same thing with the Tyler's the next day, because it was then my brother-in-law's birthday!   It was so fun telling them.  This boy is already SO LOVED.  We waited a little while to tell Kaylee.  SHE CANT WAIT. I mean, this girl loves babies.  Wherever we are or go, she finds a baby to befriend.  

We told some close friends and family in the beginning, but waited until 12 weeks to tell most.  The first trimester was like any--sick and tired :)

On 10/24, we had our anatomy ultrasound, and we could not wait.  I felt so strongly that God would give Kaylee what was best for her and our family, a little sister or brother.  I thought it'd be so fun to see her with a little sis, but loved the idea of having a boy, too.  When we finally went to our appointment, we found out IT'S A BOY.  I must say, in all the years I've known Gerald, I don't think I have NEVER seen him so happy.  My dad says he'll learn in no time though, that girls are the best ;).  

We dressed Kaylee in all blue and shared the news with everyone.  Time to plan :).  Check back this week for pregnancy, so far!