Monday, October 31, 2016

Pregnancy- 20 weeks

How far along? 20 weeks 3 days
Baby Size: Banana
Total weight gain: I think about 11
Maternity clothes? I've worn a couple things. Love the Gap Leggings. Other maternity clothes (jeans/shirts) aren't quite fitting right, nor are my regular clothes.  So, the wardrobe has been interesting. #DesperateTimes
Stretch marks? Not yet.
Sleep: Sleep is pretty good...I'm not big enough to be uncomfortable yet, but we have very early mornings.  I could nap ANY TIME OF DAY.
Working out: I'm committed, but would like to be doing better.  I typically walk while Kaylee is at school, and then I'm able to also do the gym a couple days a week.
Best moment this week: We did a Halloween Parade and Kaylee ended up being in the parade, so fun.
Miss Anything? Well I had a wedding this weekend so, I miss social drinking as well as caffeine!! 
Movement: yes :)  Mostly when I'm still like driving, sitting or lying down.  Lots of movement from this little guy!
Food cravings: None lately.  GREEN OLIVES in the beginning which still makes me laugh.
Gender: Boy :) 
Looking forward to: Trick-or-treating, TONIGHT!
What I'm eating: Lots of apples, salads are still a fav, and the occasional salt and vinegar chip :)
Anything else: I'm thinking about nursery!  Our spare room is like our storage room, so I need to start that project like yesterday very soon.
Anything different? I don't think I was this tired while pregnant with Kaylee in the second trimester, but I think chasing around Kaylee has something to do with that.