Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween/Fall 2016

Halloween has come and gone!  I feel like we have been celebrating for so long, which I love.  We certainly know how to maximize each holiday :).  I love everything about Fall, especially that its the prelude to the holidays!! Here is how we celebrated Halloween this year:
We started with an Autumn Fest on my birthday that was lots of fun.  Equipped with pumpkins everywhere, a petting zoo, and....


We also did our annual trip to the pumpkin patch.  Love this Fall tradition!

We did our church's Trunk-or-Treat.  It was our first ever, and so much fun!  We had the most amazing weather, so all the trunks were running out to get more candy, because it was PACKED.  Aunt Carole did some special face paint :)
 Some of he high school church girls hosted a dance party for the littles.  Kaylee was in her element trying to learn all of the line dances.
Our Trunk :)
Target trips are ALWAYS fun during the Halloween season #LOL
Next up, a parade in my parent's town.  This was funny...we planned on attending the Halloween parade, until we saw hundreds of dressed up littles realizing that we actually were the parade.  Kaylee took her job of being in the parade so seriously, and she loved it!  It ended at a park where we got a nice bag of candy.  So fun, and a new tradition :)
Halloween day!  Kaylee had a parade at school and came home with several bags of goodies.  She trick-or-treated all around the high school and had so much fun.  I did my best on a festive lunch...

Finally, the big finale--Trick or Treat!  This girl could've gone all night long, Gerald, my in-laws, and I kept taking turns walking her to different streets/houses.  Her favorite was this house with SCARY zombies that she called silly guys.  I actually had nightmares about them I think, but we went to see them at least 10 times. It cracked me up. 
What? You're not supposed to carve pumpkins the day after Halloween??? Gerald had a bunch of fun and kiddish friendly tools, so Kaylee felt so important helping in the carving.
Oh, and here's a little throwback for your Thursday.  Love this little cutie!

Now, time for the holidays!!