Thursday, October 6, 2016

Kaylee is 2 1/2

My sweet Kaylee is coming up on being two and half, and it just amazes me.  Insert eye roll here....I know.  How much can I gush over how quickly time is going? But it is!  I'm going to share all things Kaylee today.

If I could describe Kaylee in one word....SPUNKY.  Definition: courageous and determined.  I can't get over how perfectly this describes my fearless, stubborn, "I can do it by myself", girl.  

Sleep. is pretty good.  We've gotten over that dreadful 5am hump that I recently blogged about, and we are at a solid 6:30-6:45am every day wake up.  I can deal!  Kaylee likes to lay for a few, but prefers to eat breakfast almost immediately.  Naps are great.  She goes down without a fight, and naps 1.5-2.5 hour.  #PleaseNeverLeaveMeNapTime

Play.  Kaylee loves to play, but she prefers a companion.  She is babies babies everything.  BUT, she will choose being read to over any show, game, or activity.  If she's not playing with babies, then she's pretending to be one.  Animals of any kind are another favorite.

Love. Kaylee's love language is NOT physical touch.  Hugs and kisses aren't her favorite thing.  I get it.....I think I was that way too.  It makes them extra special.  There have been moments that melt my heart though, when Kaylee is walking into school, turns around, yells my name, and says, "MOMMY WAIT.  I forgot to give you a hug and a kiss."  She is so sweet with her words always calling things beautiful, smart, and giving praise.

School. Kaylee LOVES school.   Every morning she asks if we can go.  I have heard such great things from her teachers about her being a great participant, fun, and a great listener.  She has pure JOY on her face as she goes in and out of school, and it makes my heart so happy!

Food: cheesy noodles, yogurt, oatmeal, berries, and loves any and every snack.  Def prefers salty over sweet.
Show: She bounces all around with this one.  The only things we've watched lately are Zootopia and Beauty and the Beast.
Toys: Babies, books, and stuffed animals
Song: If Kaylee isn't talking, she's singing.  She LOVES nursery rhymes/songs.  I think she'll be one of those that we'll say, "She's been singing since she could talk..."
Lines: This girl makes me laugh all day long.  We'd watched Christmas Pooh, and all of the sudden Kaylee is yelling, "It's Christmas Eve For Crying Out Loud!"  Her manners are great, and so is her language.

Our days are full of play, tantrums, and a lot of laughing.  Errands are challenging.  Taking away pull-ups at night and Kaylee's pacifier may just be the death of me.  

I'm so proud of you Kaylee girl, and I love watching you grow.  I'm so happy God chose me to be your mom.

Here are some pics:

ALWAYS has hands on hips :)

 Kaylee LOVES dress up.