Tuesday, November 15, 2016

First Trimester

Since I didn't publicly share my pregnancy until the second trimester, I thought I'd recap the first trimester of my pregnancy.  (Before I forget it all :) )

When I found out: I found out on July 9th after taking two pregnancy tests!  I'd taken one earlier that week, a test that would probably be too early to tell, but, just because!  It was negative, and even though I knew the results were inaccurate, probably, my heart sunk a little.  BUT, it was like 2 or 3 days later that I took positive!!

How we told family:  When I took the test, it was just Kaylee and me.  I felt such joy!  I don't take it lightly that there are women who try for months or years, women who can't conceive, and everything in-between.  So, I immediately said a prayer of great thanks for this blessing.  I told Gerald that night.  I told him Kaylee had some new pjs to wear, and it ended up being a "Promoted to Big Sister" shirt :).  He was surprised, thrilled, everything!  Our plans jumped around about when we'd tell family, but we wanted to make it special.  The next day was my brother's birthday, so we threw around ideas of how we could share, and Gerald came up with wrapping the shirt as a gift and having Ryan open it, genius!  

Curveball: I got a picture message from my BFF cousin, Kelly, with a picture of a positive pregnancy test she'd just taken!!!!  I had to call and say, OMG ME TOO!!! It made me SO excited that we'd be going through this together :) 

We later told my family on the boat, and we videoed it.  It was everything!! We did the same the following day with Gerald's family, for it ended up being his brother's birthday.  Perfection.

Kelly and I told my Grandma, together, about her two new great grand babies to come!

How I was feeling:  BLAH.  Tired and really extreme nausea.  It lasted a lot longer this time around, and I think maybe my inability to get the rest I needed could've had something to do with the extreme tiredness.  This lasted into the second trimester, and I'll do a post in a month or so about a second trimester recap.  I couldn't get enough green olives or really strong flavors haha.

How it's different from last:  I was working full time, 50hr+ work weeks, but that truly doesn't compare to being home with a toddler.  I feel like I was warned about the joys of resting after work and on weekends, but, like everything, it's all relative and you don't really know, until you know!  The biggest difference is how quickly this is going.  With Kaylee, I knew everything, from the fruit size she was, to where her hairs were growing, I checked that app daily.  Now, I think I deleted the app to save up storage #LOL, so I rely on my weekly email that reminds me how far along I am.  

So, there's a little recap!  I have a pregnancy journal from Kaylee that I'll maybe post tidbits of, soon.