Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Happy Heart, Belly laugh

I was up in the middle of the night (pregnancy insomnia) thinking about all of the funny things Kaylee has been saying that I forget almost immediately after.  Everyone says, "Write it down!" So, I'm taking their advice today and sharing some things that gave me a big belly laugh and made my heart so happy to be this silly, smart girl's mama.  (Sidenote: I'm under no illusion that these will give you a belly laugh (but hopefully a happy heart :)).  They may be "had to be there's" or maybe just because I'm her mom, but here they are for my future reference :)

Kaylee and I were going into Sheetz to buy milk, and as I'm getting her out of the carseat she says, "So, do you want to go in and get a breadstick or something?"
Me: LOLing, I don't think they have breadsticks here.
K: Ok, no problem.


Kaylee and I were going to the gym and she so cutely said, "Today is going to be a little different.  You are going to play, and I'm going to exercise with the grown-ups, OK?" I was laughing at how she'd thought this whole thing out and how cute it was!

Another recent instance, we were driving to the doctor's and I turned into the wrong parking lot and said, "UGH.  This was the wrong one!"  Kaylee so calmly said, "Mommy, you are frustrated."  hahaha What a great use of that word!

A recent morning, I'd gone to bed with my hair wet, and had it down the next morning.  I was sitting with Kaylee while she ate, and my hair had caused a total meltdown.... "What's your hair look like!?  Your hair is so messy!  I can't look at you!!!" I mean it was TRAUMATIC/DRAMATIC.  

We had my in-laws and parents over for the game on Sunday, and my dad asked Kaylee, "Who do you think will win the Steeler's Game?"  Her response, "Barrack Obama"  Mic. Drop.  

Lastly, we were getting ready to leave for school.  Sometimes when she's all strapped in, I take a minute to breathe and will look at my phone before getting on the road.  Kaylee was so cute and said, "Ok Mommy, are you all situated now? Time to go." 

I'm sure if you're a fellow mom, there are a dozen times a day you stop dead in your tracks after your little says something and think, "How does he/she know that?" or you laugh, or you cry...haha.  I hope to write down little things that give me belly laughs and full, happy hearts to look back on.  

Never stop marching to the beat of your own drum, Kaylee girl!