Saturday, December 31, 2016

Tis the Season

The season of Christmas is my favorite, so it's always a little sad to see it end!  (Unless you're pregnant ;) )  I feel like we really celebrated all season long, which makes me a little less sad to see it go.  Here is how we did the Christmas season this year:

Black Friday Shopping!! It's the start of Christmas music and typically we do lots of Christmas shopping.

And, shopping includes Christmas jammies for these three!  

Kaylee loved all of the Christmas decorations at the mall.

So, this picture was supposed to be a bump pic, but it was before a PJ party, ornament exchange with my MIL and SIL.  It was so cute and fun, and I'm so sad this was the only pic I got to show the celebration!!

Lots of fun with the tree and Christmas clothes (:.  This girl LOVED the season and was seeming to have such a grasp on Santa.  She was naming her three pacifiers in bed Joseph, Mary, and Jesus :)

Trixie was a hit!  Every day she'd ask where Trixie moved to, and she even left us some treats.

The yacht club where my parents dock their boats had the cutest breakfast with Santa.  They asked for the kids age/gender to get a gift for them, had a buffet, and the room was filled with excited kids!!

Thanks for breakfast, Grandma and Pop!!

This will hopefully be a new tradition for us!

Kaylee could not wait for Santa to come to breakfast, and she was so brave.  When he asked what she wanted, she told him a baby doll.  AND....
That's what she got!  There were so many different toys for the little girls, but the wrapped baby doll had her name on it, and we couldn't believe it.  It made our morning even more perfect.

Year #2 of baking with Grandma Sparkles!  This year there was a lot more flour to clean up.

Trip downtown!  We've been doing this since we were young.  We'd save our change all year and go downtown to give to the needy on Christmas Eve.  This year, we went on Christmas Eve Eve and there was a lot more activity.  Kaylee even gave to some homeless people and Children's Hospital.

When there are Santa's and Gingerbread houses..EVERYWHERE.

We saw carolers, which was Kaylee's fav part.  She and another little girl in the audience were given jingle bells to help the singers, and she did a great job.

NOT PICTURED: *Christmas Eve Eve service with the family.  There's no childcare for this service, so there's lots going on and lots of excitement.  It was a beautiful way to prepare for the birth of our savior!
*My girlfriends and I went to dinner and did a favorite things gift exchange.  We've done different little themes each year, but this one was really fun.