Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas 2016

Better late than never......Here is how we celebrated the birth of our Savior!!  I did a post about all of our festivities leading up to the big day!   It was a fun one, and seeing the holidays through the eyes of my almost three year old was truly the best gift.  She's starting to get it, and we had so much talk about Jesus, Santa, Elf on the shelf (and explaining 394830482 times where she goes at night).  It was JOYOUS.  

Okay so here's how the Tyler's did Christmas this year:
I talked about our annual trip downtown, which we typically do on Christmas Eve, but my mom was hosting this year, so we did the day before.  It was so fun, and there was a lot more activity since it was a couple days before the big day!

Every year, we do Christmas Eve with the Griffin's it's loud, big, and FUN.  We always do some sort of gift exchange, and this year we filled socks and picked them.  My mom got Kaylee her own to pick, and she helped everyone else open their's, too :).  It was a great celebration!! 

Christmas morning was so fun.  Kaylee ran to check if Santa ate his cookies (she was a little sad he didn't save her any milk)...we also checked to see if the reindeer ate their food, which they did!  

Playing with some new toys :).  I made a breakfast cake, so we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and Daddy before heading over to my parents for presents. Next, we were off to my parent's house.


We laughed, because when I asked Kaylee to say her thanks, she turns to my brother and said, "Thanks so much for all my stuff, Uncle Ryan." LOL  We had fun playing, and the boys made us breakfast which was GREAT.  Kaylee was all worn out and took a good nap before heading over to Christmas #3 with the Tyler's!

Kaylee got a FUN rollercoaster that she loved showing off her skills to two of her favs.

The Kosts came to our house after they celebrated at my parents, and we rested up for a busy day with our three big girls!

A little down time beforeeeee

SKYZONEEE.  My other pictures wouldn't load, but the girls did great and had so much fun.  Kaylee and Gracie were red and sweaty.  We have lots to cram into our day together, so we did shopping, lunch, and Gilmore Girls during nap :)

Kaylee kept saying, "But I don't want Gracie to go back to Virginia..."

It was such a fun holiday!