Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Year Goals

Last year, I worked on doing monthly goals, which was great.  It got a little redundant, but I'm super goal-orientated in that it just works for me.  I don't think I'll do monthly goals.  If I give myself a deadline or define something as a "goal" it's motivating, for whatever reason.  I typed up a cute little family template with goals for each person in our family, as well as family and marital goals.  And it  Like stationary and pens.  We did only three per person,  so it's nothing overwhelming.  I thought I'd post a few that I couldn't fit into my three, so here are a few:
Be more flexible!  I know there is going to be a time frame, probably a long one, where we aren't on a good schedule after the baby comes.  I know this, but I want to prepare for the uncertainties of learning what type of baby he will be, and figuring out our new normal.  Going with the flow more in 2017 is a big one for me!

Write more.  I love blogging, but I also love writing/journaling about more, um, serious stuff, for lack of a better word?  It makes me happy, like goals and pens and stationary, and I want to do it more in 2017.  My FAVORITE writing quote is:
It was on the cover of the journal I took to Ireland (and wrote in every day while I was there) and it gives me all the feels!

I'm always trying to get rid of stuff, and it often feels like we have outgrown our little home, even after we let stuff go.  So, I'd like to pick a "Declutter Day" each month.  From toys that haven't been played with to clothes I've had trouble parting with, I'd like to do this every month, and of course be intentional about what's coming in the house, too!

A few 2016 things I'm proud to have done and want to continue:
1. Kept up with exercise and eating healthy (most of the time)
2. Read lots of good books
3. Making special memories with my family

*List of three's seem to be my favorite!?

Hope your 2017 is off to a great start!!