Friday, January 6, 2017

Kaylee Lately

Kaylee will be three in a few months, and it's been a minute (don't you just love/hate that expression!?) since I've posted about what she's up to, into, etc.  So, here's what's up with my almost three year old:
Kaylee is tall and she is a talker, like talks and talks and talks, so people are always asking me if she's three or four.  Then, they watch her throw a tantrum over me making her wear shoes in Target and they quickly see that she is very, very much two.  
She LOVES her babies.  She takes really good care of them. For instance, every night she has a back pack, diaper bag, and often a lunch box on her night stand full of stuff they may "need in the night" oh and luggage, sometimes there is luggage for the babies too.  She still doesn't LOVE any one show, but Mickey is a big hit, and a little bit more Doc McStuffins.  Sofia is typically good, too.  It's funny that she will see a show, that I think is targeted toward boys, and says, "that's a boy show I don't want that."  I don't know where that's coming from??

I so often say she's like a sour patch kid, first she's sour, then she's sweet.  She will be having a TOUGH morning or day or what have you, and then do or say the sweetest thing, like, "Mommy you look beautiful in that shirt."  or "It was really fun this morning when we went to the library.  Thank you for taking me."  Like so SWEET, yet SO SOUR, too.  I love sour patch kids so this analogy makes such sense to me #LOL
She's smart....she is only allowed her pacifier in bed or the car.  She came down with it one day, so I sent her to her bed if she wanted to have it.  She came down with a sleeping bag, crawled in, put her pacifier in, then said, "now I'm in a bed, so I can have my binki."  OH, okay.  You win.
She makes friends, and has a particular drawing to babies and like 5 and up year olds I'd say.  She will meet someone and weeks, I mean several weeks later she'll ask about them by name.  I'm thinking her future will be in a job that's memory intensive, because hers is crazy.  Like even waitresses from a place we went months ago, we'll walk in and she'll ask if Sam will be there to bring us food.  Cracks me up.  Sometimes she'll be yelling from her bed before going to sleep, "What was that girls' name from the mall park??" And we maybe hadn't been to the mall park for two weeks, so I have no idea, but she'll eventually yell the name down.  

I love this little girl who challenges me, loves me, and makes me so proud to be a mom!