Friday, December 30, 2016

Year in Review

It has been a BIG year for us, and I love recapping with pictures.  This is going to be a long one, so grab your cup of coffee and take a peak at the highlights of our 2016! So many of our memories were in our every day instead of big holidays/events, and I love it.

We learned to love SNOW!  

We put our Christmas gifts to good use on a WARM January Day :)

We lost someone so very special.  Missing you every day, Pop-pop.

FIRST PONY-TAIL WOOOOO #StillHaventFiguredOutThisHair

Celebrated Valentines:) by having a date night with this cutie's daddy.

And this beauty on the left had a big birthday, which was also my grandpa's, so we celebrated him, too.

21 months and giving us a prequel of what 2 would be like.....

lots of zoo dates with my girl.

Proud of myself for this little half anniversary present.  #ThanksPinterest

My gram and I did tons of shopping trips this year....and the best ones were when we would try on matching leather jackets ;).  One of us bought it, and it wasn't me...

Potty training at 22 months!!! I remember this so vividly, we'd been locked in the house for a couple days, and she started to get the hang of it, so we had our first outing, to the backyard.....

My favorite 2016 picture.  

We had FIVE weddings, and this was our first.  With my forever date.

PENS WON THE STANLEY CUP.  Thanks to the guy on the right, I got to see a lot of the action.

Easter with some favorites....back when we could drink as much coffee as we wanted.

My sweet little Kaylee turned TWO.

Celebrating after her party.

Lots of time at the Tyler's with snuggles.  We started letting Kaylee watch TV at 2, so I'm thinking this is one of the first times she got to do that (:

Adventures with Pop...too many to count!

Another fun girls' trip!  We made it a monthly thing which was so fun for us.

#PENS.  Love this pic of our family of three.

Mother's day...movies and lunch with two of my favorites.

Another playoff pic, one of us was sporting a playoff beard.

Favorite pic #2 of 2016

Boating season was so great and how we spent our weekends!

A dear friend of mine got married and it was SO MUCH FUN.

Have I mentioned our girls' trips with the Kost girls!?

The sprinklers downtown kicked off our summer, and they were such a hit.  Still remembering how I forgot towels and a change of clothes.......

Another boat day:)

These girls got to spend a couple days a week together in the summer, and we all loved it :)

Grandma sparkles snuggles are the best snuggles.

I did some bartending this summer, so Kaylee got some extra fun with her guys....too bad they didn't have any fun.

Happy 4th!  We are def making the parade a new tradition.

Pirates game with all of the Griffins!

WOOOOO...biggest 2016 moment!!??!

This kid....lives.the.dream.

Another wedding, with my bestie!!!

Family trip to Idlewild was a favorite.

Family reunion.  

First Anniversary celebrated at the Sheraton.  Take me back!!!!

Big day for this girl, and she LOVES school so much.

My birthday celebration(s)

Halloween, LOL.  Thanks for the faceprinting by aunt Carole:)

BUBBLES thanks to POP.

And that baby we found out about....ITS.A.BOY!!

Love this pic.

Light up night!

Thanksgiving/Black Friday shopping in VA is something we look forward to all.year.long.

And these cuties make it extra amazing/tiring/challenging/fun

Kaylee's first movie!  We saw Moana and she was great.

Santa!  He was such a hit this year.

First snow of the season, and we got hours and hours of play out of it.

Baking at Grandma Sparkles.

Kaylee's first Pens game with my dad and me.  She still hasn't stopped cheering, "LET'S GO PENS"

Annual trip downtown before Christmas :)

Christmas was so fun, and I'll be posting about how we celebrated all season long, next week!  Happy New Year!!  You can find last year's "Year in Review" post here.