Monday, January 9, 2017

Fashion Wish List

I think being pregnant makes me love clothes even more in that, "we all want what we can't have" sort of mantra.  I am so aware and grateful of the miracle my body is creating, but that doesn't make looking at Pinterest fashion any easier #LOL....Here are some of the looks I've been loving, and some shoes that I'm hoping to rock this spring:
I saw SO many cute sweaters this year that would be perfect with leggings.  I love this outfit!!

Sweater and a beanie, the best winter combo.

I've been doing a lot of long tanks and cardigans, and I thought this one was super cute.  It's a little lighter, so I think it could even carry over into spring!

Open shoulders were huge this year!!! I was seeing it every where and think it's such a cute look, so I hope you're back next year!!
Love this scarf, and I have gotten lots of scarf wear so far this season :)  I've been playing around a lot with a new sweater scarf which has been fun.
Black jeans!!!! I don't have any, but I'd love for them to be a fall purchase in 2017.  Am I getting ahead of myself here??!

And everyone's favorite, a leather jacket.  Love these and that they have a hood!

Okay, three spring shoe hopefuls:
I've heard really great things about these, and I feel like they could be good for walking/park.  I'm not sure how hot they'd be, or if I love the way they look, but I've read several bloggers including a fav, Kate, talk about them.

I really love the all black Nike look, and feel like they could be in my future!! I've been seeing a new trend with these all black shoes with leggings/cute work out outfit, and I feel like they would work with capris or shorts nicely, too.
And lastly I feel like open toed booties are the best transition from winter to spring!! I don't have any, nor do I know that I'll have much use for them this season, but I love these.