Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Workin' It Wednesdays

 I'm so excited about this new link up!  There are so many facets of our lives that we as women and mamas work so hard at, and I love that we are going to share some of those things once a month with shay and erika !!  Thanks for the fun link-up :)

Okay, New Years Goals!!!  I actually JUST did a post about this that I probably should've saved, and you can find that here.  I basically talked about some things I want to work on for the New Year, as well as some things I did last year and continued.  First up, I'm going to share this cute little goals template that I made for my family:

It was super easy.  I just did some fancy lettering and two pictures that I copied and pasted, if you need something that looks a little fancy to keep you motivated like me :)

Some things I try to keep in mind while goal-setting:

*I think it's so important to hold yourself accountable, your family members accountable, and expect to be held accountable by your loved ones.  For example, if you REALLY want to work on your fitness this year, I think it's great to have someone you love say, "Hey! Remember we were going to hit the gym more this year, let's start and go now." 

*Pick a goal that makes you happy, makes you feel good, and betters those around you.  You want to do good, AND do well.  

*Lastly, don't set yourself up for failure!  I think I really find joy and success from goal-setting because I make them feasible. I feel like the most common resolutions include exercising, so If you want to exercise more, but don't really do so now, then find a 5K that scheduled for 4-5 months from now, not the marathon your city holds in a few months.

I'm so excited to see how all of you ladies work your New Years Goals!!!!