Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Workin' It Wednesdays

Yay for another Workin' It Wednesdays !  This week we are talking about Keeping our Marriage strong.  I know I always see stories or memes on Facebook about marriage and having littles, and they're either funny or heartfelt or both.  My parents showed me what a strong and loving marriage looked like, and I think that's one of the best gifts they could've ever given me, so I hope to do the same for my kids!  I have three things we try to implement in our marriage.

I think this is the most obvious but also a tough one.  I laugh when I see celebrities on tv say, "Ya well our marriage is so important so we know we have to schedule at least one date night a week."  Let's all laugh together.  At least for us, between finding babysitters and being pregnant and wanting to be financially smart, weekly date nights aren't really an option.  One thing we try to do is have a show we watch together and make it like a little date.  It's something we look forward to, right now, it's Scandal!  Pre-pregnancy, I would always make special snacks and we'd have wine and it was a fun thing for us to look forward to during the week.  We try to schedule date nights, too, but at home ones are sometimes just as fun.  (Being in jammies is always a perk :) ) 

Speak in his Love Language:
My #1 love language is acts of service I'd say, where Gerald's is words of affirmation.  If Gerald unloads the dishwasher, helps me clean up, or takes Kaylee for a couple hours that is what speaks to my heart!  I think it's important to know that your spouse may respond differently or have different things that make their heart smile.  It's funny because Kaylee's love language is  definitely quality time, so we are all over the place :)  

Random Acts of Kindness:
It's SO easy to leave a little post-it note or pick up a special drink or snack that your spouse likes, and I think it goes a long way.  I try to occasionally leave a post-it on the mirror with a little note or get a treat from the store that we don't typically have.  People are always talking about doing random acts of kindness to strangers, so why not do them for our spouses, too!

I'm so excited to read about how all of you work on keeping your marriages strong.