Monday, April 10, 2017

A Letter to you on your Third Birthday

A Letter to You on Your Third Birthday
Kaylee our love,
         I can’t believe you are three!  Be prepared for me to be shocked with each year that you get older….Most of this past year I’ve been pregnant, so I really tried to enjoy our final days of just you and me.  You have filled my days with such joy, laughter, craziness, frustration, and LOVE.  I feel like over the past year you’ve really become your own person.  I’ve challenged you to be more independent and you have taken on that challenge!  Your favorite thing to do is dress yourself, and girl, you have style!  Everywhere we go you get a smile not only on your cuteness and Shirley-temple-locks, but because of your dress, and tutu, and sparkles that you wear both on your clothes and in your heart, wherever we go!
         Anyone who knows you loves you.  You are sometimes shy at first, but so quickly make friends with anyone by being SILLY and loving.  You’ve taken on your new role of being a big sister just as I thought you would, amazingly.  You are SMART, and it really cracks us up to see your sense of humor.  You tell and make jokes already.
         Your dad and I are so proud of the little person you are becoming.  I pray that you learn to walk and live life through Jesus, I pray that the presence of your loved ones feels greater than any present you could ever receive, and I pray that your love for life continues to grow each day.  
                           We love you more than you will ever, ever know,                                                                  Mom and Dad

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