Monday, April 10, 2017

Kaylee's Third Birthday

It was a little hectic this year celebrating Kaylee's birthday with a newborn, but I wanted to be sure to still make it special for her!  Last weekend, we celebrated with both families by going to dinner, and she loved it.  We brought cake and presents, and she asked the next morning if should could have the birthday party again :) 

The next weekend was her actual birthday weekend, so on Saturday I took her on a mystery trip, just us girls.  First stop, a frosty :)
Second stop, Target!  She got some Target gift cards, so we shopped for a present.  We had so much fun on our little girls' outing.

Sunday, Birthday!  We did presents in the morning, followed by donuts, Church, and an Easter egg hunt :)
It was such a beautiful morning!

After nap, we headed to my mom's so Kaylee could ride around on her new scooter.  Then we walked both kids to get ice cream.  Kaylee was wiped out, and so were we!  It was a great third birthday!! 

 Here is Kaylee's birthday interview:
Favorite color: pink
Favorite food: gumminies
Favorite animal: rhinoceros 
Favorite lunch: quesadilla 
Favorite breakfast: eggs
Favorite dinner: noodles
Best friend: grandma and Evelyn 
Favorite thing to play: monsters with daddy 
Favorite princess: Gracie
Favorite thing to wear: dress and skirt
Favorite show: beauty and the beast
Favorite place to go: park
Favorite toy: babies and dress up