Thursday, April 27, 2017

Griffin: One Month

The months sure do fly with a newborn, and sure do drag during pregnancy;)  I can't believe it actually.  So, let's recap this first month as a family of four, a few days late.

The transition from 1-2 has been so much easier for me than it was going from 0-1.  I felt like I knew what to expect way more this time around where with Kaylee there was so much unknown, and I was really learning as I went (and still am).  In so many ways I feel more calm about everything, and I'm really proud of how well I've adjusted to this change.  As far as babies go, I feel like Griffin's temperament is a little bit fussy.  I remember thinking with Kaylee she only cried when she was tired, but there are times I can't really figure out what's wrong.  With that being said, I've learned how to soothe him pretty quickly.  Basically, I think he's spoiled and just likes to be held :).

He has been sleeping well!  I put him down between 9-930 and he's up again between 130-3, and it's kind a toss up after that.  Sometimes, he will sleep til 6, other times, he's up two hours after the feeding.  All in all though, he is sleeping SO much better than Kaylee did and I am so grateful for that.  He's taken a bottle and likes to be swaddled at bed time.

He is really growing, and I was so sad to put those newborn clothes away.  With Kaylee, I remember being eager for her to grow and meet milestones, where I am soaking up this newborn time because I've learned how crazy fast the first year (and years aft that) go.  Big sister is in love with him, and so are we :)