Monday, April 10, 2017

Griffin's Birth Story

He's here!  Everyone said how fast my pregnancy went, and in some ways it felt that way, and in other ways it felt SO.LONG.  Kaylee was late, so half of me thought I'd have an early baby to make up for it, and half of me thought I'd half late babies.  I did an ultrasound to make sure he was big enough, and when they said he was 81 percentile and measuring a week early, I thought I had my answer....WRONG.  At my due date appointment, 3/17, my doctor said we could induce on Sunday, and I said yes before he was done with his sentence.  It actually worked out so well, and it was really nice being able to plan.  Gerald and I had a date night and watched March Madness on Friday.  Saturday, we enjoyed the day with our Kaylee before sending her to my in-laws for the night, and Saturday night we got pizza, got the house in order and waited!

At 10pm Saturday, I got a call saying they were pretty busy, but I could get a call after midnight, so that's about when I stopped sleeping.  I curled my hair at 3am #normal, and called the hospital around 7 to see what was up!  By 8am, they told us to come in, YIPEE!    I was admitted around 9, and labor with pitocin probably started around 10 or so.  I'm so lucky to have had the best labor and delivery experiences.  In fact, they're days I'd go back to and do over and over again.  It's so exciting knowing the time is there, and I had my favorites around me!  My parents came pretty early and hung with Gerald and me.  We watched basketball, the Pens, talked, and just hung out.  I got the epidural, my least favorite part of the day, and after that I was really comfortable.  Ryan joined us later on, and we continued to watch the pens and basketball.  My blood pressure got really, really low after the epidural, like the machine stopped being able to get a pulse, but I felt ok and they medicated me for it.  Around 750 pm it was go time!  Gerald and I were so excited, I had one contraction that I pushed for and then we met our little love, Griffin James Tyler, at 7:57 p.m.  He weight 8 lbs 4oz and was 20.5 inches long.  It was love at first sight!  

Isn't he cute!?  The kitchen closed at 9pm so we ordered food quickly and my parents left us some Panera.  I ate SO MUCH. The days following was way tougher on my body than I remember with Kaylee.  With her, I was up and moving around, but this time around was a lot more painful postpartum. Kaylee is overjoyed to be a big sis, and she's taking on this new role like a champ!  Both our families visited our new addition!

I love you sweet baby boy, and we're so excited that God chose you to be a part of our family!