Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

We had such a great Easter!  It was early this year, but we still got a nice day and it's making Spring/Summer seem so close :)!! So, Friday we took Kaylee to our Mall Park to tire her out, then we were off to Virigina!

Looks like it worked :)
We went to the Brewery when we got to VIrginia, and the girls had so much fun just running and running.
The next morning was a 6am wake up call from the littles, but we were off shortly to go shopping.  Which lead to some tired mama's and a 4 o'clock cup of coffee....while everyone else was napping.
The girls did some playing at the park.
They even took a magic carpet ride :)
All the playing lead to snacks and a show.
We headed to my Aunt and Uncle, but a lot of us were still very sleepy...
off to church the next morning!!
Got some dancing in #WhereIsTheOtherShoe
Family pic!
My people :)

On the drive home Gerald and I talked all about the weekend, stopped at his parents for baskets, and then hid and exchanged baskets to each other to top of the Easter weekend!

We had a nice brunch at the Kosts and then headed back to the burgh.  I hope you all had a lovely Easter, and be sure to check back Wednesday for What's Up Wednesday